Sustainability has been at the forefront of Jgame's ethos from the very start. During each phase of the process, from the initial conception of our designs to the launch of our first collection, we have focused on delivering a product that is consciously designed and built to last. We aren’t adding sustainability into our corporate strategy - it is our corporate strategy.  We also recognize that sustainability is a moving target and we are constantly trying to improve our practices. We aren’t perfect but we’re on the right path.

Many corporations have a “knowing-doing” gap. They know they should be aligning their business practices with sustainable practices but have yet to take action. Not us. Our mission is to deliver the best apparel to our customers while remaining eco-conscious. It’s not the easiest or most cost-effective route to take, but we are committed to putting the planet ahead of profits.


Recycled Fabrics

All of our garments are made from fabrics that are 75-100% recycled polyester, which is made by using PET from clear plastic bottles.  The plastic bottles are broken down into small chips, and those  chips then go through a process that turns them into yarn. The process of turning PET into recycled polyester has several environmental advantages:

  • Decreases the greenhouse gas emissions that are created by processing virgin polyester
  • Diverts waste by preventing the plastic bottles from going into landfill 
  • Water usage is decreased compared to the process of making virgin polyester
  • Reduces our dependency on petroleum (the raw material used to make virgin polyester)

This is by no means a perfect system - sustainability is dynamic, but every step forward matters.  Our goal is for recycled polyester to become a closed-loop system. Every day, we’re working on finding the right partnerships to achieve that.

Local Manufacturing

Jgame is proud to have a manufacturing partner just a short drive from our headquarters in Manhattan. Manufacturing locally can make a tremendous impact - shorter distances mean less CO2 emissions. When we need to make a new sample or check on the sewing of a garment, we aren’t adding significant greenhouse gas emissions caused by cargo ships and sea freight traffic. 

Sustainability isn’t just about the environment for Jgame - it’s also about ethics.  Manufacturing locally ensures transparency in the process, as we are able to confirm proper working conditions and verify how everything is being made. We visit our factory frequently and are proud to support the local NYC economy. 

Sustainable Packaging

We are targeting packaging in several ways: first by partnering with a sustainable packaging company that delivers high quality packaging that is either compostable, reusable or recyclable. We are also extremely judicious with the amount of packaging we use. If you are purchasing Jgame at a pop-up, your packaging will be as simple as a recycled paper bag accompanied by recycled tissue paper. If you’re buying online, you’ll receive your goods in a minimalist, recycled mailer.