Jackie Meretsky

"Tennis has always brought me so much joy. I have laughed, cried, celebrated, and formed some of my most meaningful friendships on the tennis court. Through all of life's ups and downs, tennis has always been there as an outlet and source of renewed energy. No matter how tired I was from waking up at 2am to be camera ready for network news or how draining a typical NYC day could make me feel, everything was and still is always forgotten on the court."


Tennis’ popularity and the accompanying apparel has exploded globally in recent years. Sportswear is now a statement of style and must now co-exist with functionality. But, I wanted to take things a little further… if sportswear can represent your style, can’t it also represent your values? I think so! This is why I decided to create Jgame, which merges effortlessly chic and classic styles with beautiful, recycled fabrics that are eco-friendly, locally sourced, and ethically made right here in NYC. Since the day I moved to New York, I have been in love with its energy, passion, drive and resilience, so choosing to manufacture locally was critical, New York or nowhere.  
As a mom of a teenager and a pre-teen, I am always thinking of the future both near and far.  Where will they go to college?  What will the world look like then?  Am I feeding them the right food? Should they be playing more sports? Less sports? It’s never-ending.  Making decisions is something we all do endlessly, and at this stage of my life I try to ease the decision making process by asking myself one question: does the outcome represent my values?  
When it comes to sportswear and fashion it’s not easy to be eco-conscious.  Whether it's sourcing eco-friendly materials, finding local factories that will produce small quantities, or choosing recycled packaging, there are a million hurdles along the way. Bring it!!  There’s always a way as long as we put the planet ahead of profits and stick to what we believe in.  If you’re wearing Jgame you’re supporting local economies and reducing your carbon footprint.   
See you on the court!
Jackie x
P.S. the skirt is faux leather so don’t even go there!